Sino-Greek partnership at the local and regional level

Greece and China aim to further promote blilateral ties through a Chinese- Greek Cities Forum which was launched in Athens on 11 November 2016.  In particular, the first session of the new platform will take place in Zappeion Exhibition hall bringing together a delegation of at least 70 representatives […]

Obama’s Athens visit and China’s investments

Greece is a key country in China’s OBOR strategy. The investment of COSCO in the port of Piraeus signals the ongoing interest shown by the Chinese administration in Greece’s critical geopolitical significance. As a matter of principle the US positively sees every effort made by a foreign investor in Greece. In that regard, there is no objection to Chinese investments in the country as they are considered as steps which can kick off the Greek economy and promote growth […]

New book on the power of China

The new book Assessing China’s Power published by Palgrave-Macmillan examines the rise of China and its impact on global and regional order. The book is edited by Jae Ho Chung, a distinguished professor of International Relations at the University of Seoul, and constitutes […]

Cultural links between China and Greece existed in the late Antiquity

The website approached Professor Lukas Nickel, chair of Asian Art History at the University of Vienna, who has shared interesting insights with us. According to this article ‘The First Emperor and the sculpture in China’ published  in the Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies,  ‘it is highly possible that there were cultural and trade exchanges […]

Greek News Agenda presents

An overwhelming majority of Greeks expresses a positive view with regard to China and the Chinese people, welcoming the cooperation of Greece and China, according to the results of an opinion poll conducted recently by the “Public Issue” polling company. In fact, 70% of the respondents […]

Developments in South China Sea from a Chinese perspective

The Chinese voice on developments in South China Sea is not often heard in Europe. In their article published on Zhang Rui and He Shan present the Chinese debate on the matter. Drawing on the knowledge of Chinese diplomats, scholars and politicians they illustrate Beijing’s thinking […]

China to be honorary guest in 2017 Thessaloniki International Fair

China will be the honorary guest in 2017 Thessaloniki International Fair.  Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras announced this new co-operation scheme between the two countries during his speech in Thessaloniki on Saturday 10 September 2016 […]

Majority of Greeks has positive view on China

An overwhelming majority of Greeks have a positive view of China and Chinese people and welcome bilateral cooperation according to an opinion poll conducted by polling company ‘Public Issue’ for Avgi (Dawn) newspaper. In particular […]

Central Eurasia the linkage between East and West in Antiquity

In an exclusive interview with, Professor in the Department of Central Eurasian Studies at the University of Indiana Christopher I. Beckwith, offers insights on the importance of Central Asia in the connection between East Asia and Europe […]