George Tzogopoulos comments on the Hong Kong situation in Global Times

9ddebc1c-3831-4bfe-b6f3-8ec1505636cfGeorge Tzogopoulos was asked by the Chinese version of Global Times to comment on the current situation of Hong Kong. As he explained, the issue has been settled with the 1984 agreement between China and Britain. The principle ‘one state two systems’ is the one defining situation. The governing authorities of Hong Kong are in the process of introducing some new political reforms in order to enhance better and more efficient governance and representation. Young people tend to protest not only in Hong Kong but also in other places of the world in order to ask for more rights. This is their nature. But the problem is that they disrupt public life and often create chaos. In that regard, our attention should not be only turned towards what some demontsrators want but also also towards the consequences of the current crisis for normal people who live there’.