10 Turks detained for helping terrorists fleeing China

photoPolice in Shanghai has detained 10 Turkish nationals for allegedly providing assistance to terror suspects in Xinjiang. Reports are suggesting 11 others, including 9 alleged terror suspects from Xinjiang, have also been taken into custody. The 10 Turkish detainees are accused of providing fake Turkish passports.It’s being reported the group was trying to leave China for destinations including Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan when police swooped in.

Terror-related audio and video materials have also allegedly been discovered on the group.Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Hong Lei. ‘The fight against illegal immigration is the common aim of the international community. It is also the consistent stand and position of the Chinese government. China is willing to cooperate with the international community on this.’

Meanwhile, authorities in Xinjiang have also announced that people who buy fireworks ahead of the Chinese New Year will have to register using their ID cards.Local officials say the move is to prevent terrorists from obtaining the raw materials needed for much larger bombs.Retail outlets will have to record the type and quantity of the products purchased by each customer. This comes on the heels of police in an area south of the city of Kashgar this week shooting-dead 6 people who had explosive devices attached to their bodies.

Source: China Radio International