Applications for ChinaMED Business Program Open

ChinaMEDThe ChinaMediterranean Business Program (CMBP) offers a set of 6 crash courses – one per week, for a total of 250+ hours of intensive training – designed to equip a high-power group of prospective managers and entrepreneurs with strategic skills in the areas of business internationalization, cross-cultural management and creative entrepreneurship, with a focus on China and the Euro-Mediterranean region. The CMBP curriculum has been especially developed by an international team of scholars of contemporary China together with European executive education specialists and China-based professionals. All faculty members are accomplished business executives, legal professionals and academics from some of the world’s best universities and most dynamic companies. The program aims to respond to the growing demand for highly-qualified profiles combining substantive competence on China and the Euro-Mediterranean region, good command of the basics of international business, and an entrepreneurial spirit free of naiveté.

The CMBP is held at Peking University, China’s most iconic academic institution, located in the intellectual heart of the capital, Beijing.

The methodology employed by CMBP faculty is based on the principles of action learning, where teaching aims to develop knowledge, competences and attitudes that can quickly be operationalized in the business world. A maximum of 50 participants are admitted to the program to ensure MBA-style interaction in class and during social activities.  Training sessions comprise formal lectures, team project work, case studies analysis, business model testing, start-up business plan simulations and both formal and informal conversations with a variety of guests who have first hand experience of entrepreneurship and management across China and the Euro-Mediterranean region. Company visits to some of China’s most innovative enterprises are arranged weekly.

A trademark of the CMBP is its faculty’s commitment to one-to-one business coaching: participants are encouraged to approach instructors and guests individually both during and after the program for advice and networking tips.

You can find more information here.

The deadline for submitting an application is June 5th.