‘Beijing Love Story’ protagonists talk to chinaandgreece

CHINAAND (5)Director of ‘Beijing Love Story’ Chen Sicheng and actress Tong Liya came for a few days to Greece to participate in the opening of the Chinese film festival. Both of them talked to chinaandgreece.com shortly before the official ceremony in the Greek Film Library. Chen Sicheng and Tonvery were particularly happy for the shooting of part of the movie on the island of Santorini as well as for its projection to the Greek audience.

Chen Sicheng expressed his optimism on the success ‘Beijing Love Story’ might have not only in Greece but also in many other countries outside China. In his view, ‘love is a common issue to all people of the world and can bring them closer’. The most important challenge for him while directing the film was to ‘clearly depict real problems influencing  human relationships and demonstrate how love can overcome them’.

Tong Liya (2)From her part, actress Tong Liya said to chinaandgreece.com that she would like to play in the future in a new movie to be shot in Greece. When asked if she would return to the country for this reason, she replied: ‘Of course, this will be a great experience and I hope it can happen’.  Athens and Beijing have already agreed to expand their cultural cooperation. The will of Tong Liya can thus become real in the future.