Beijing ready for the APEC Meeting

1409481721544_91Beijing is ready to host the APEC Economic Leaders Week.  The theme of 2014 APEC, which will take place from 5 until 11 November 2011, is: ‘Shaping the Future through Asia-Pacific Partnership’. With the close co-operation and concerted efforts of APEC members and with the preparatory work of the senior officials’ meetings and ministerial meetings, APEC members have developed extensive and in-depth consensus on advancing regional economic integration, promoting innovative development, economic reform and growth, and strengthening comprehensive connectivity and infrastructure development. The Leaders’ Week will be the high point for 2014 APEC China Year, and would bear great expectations of the APEC community for fruitful results.

According to Foreign Minister of China, Mr Wang Yi, China is committed to build a new Asia-Pacific of peace and stability, of co-operation and prosperity and of openness and inclusiveness. The country will organise the APEC Meeting for the first time after 2001. As Mr Wang said: ‘This is a mission entrusted by the countries and regions in the Asia-Pacific, which also shows their trust in China. All APEC members look to this year’s event for consensus and real breakthroughs in regional integration. They look to the Asia-Pacific region for maintaining prosperity and development and driving world economic recovery and growth. And they look to China, the second largest economy in the world, for leveraging its role as APEC host to make fresh contribution to APEC’s development and Asia-Pacific’s revitalization’.