Authorities in Beijing assist disabled people

8176Authorities in Beijing have announced several new measures to assist the disabled in the city. The new plans have been unveiled to coincide with International Day of People with Disability. Among the changes, new civic passes are being made available to all people registered as disabled. Card holders will enjoy 27 additional public services, including free bus rides and park visits.

Wu Wenyan is the chair of the Beijing Disabled Persons’ Federation. ‘All these services can be enjoyed through one card. We call it the ‘all-in-one-card.’ We hope people with disabilities in the city will be able to enjoy these ‘smart’ services through information technology, and become ‘smart’ Beijingers.”

Other pledges include the creation of civil servant positions for the disabled, more opportunities for equal education, and more professionally trained teachers at schools. Municipal authorities are also planning to conduct a survey into the needs and services of the disabled this coming year.

Source:  China Radio International