China-EU relations deserve highest level of support and ambition according to Martin Schulz

euchinaChina-EU relations are 40 years old and deserve the highest level of support and ambition,’ tweeted EP President Martin Schulz after meeting Chinese president Xi Jinping in Beijing. Schulz is in China until today for a three-day official visit to discuss furthering cooperation between the EU and China, especially at the parliamentary level. ‘We [China and the EU] have come a long way together and considerably deepened our relationship,’ said Schulz. ‘This can be seen clearly by the breadth of topics which China and the EU have an interest in solving together – be it on the global economic situation, climate change, security issues, human rights, or trade relations. Our relationship has come a long way but can also go a long way forwards.’ In addition to Xi Jinping, Schulz also met Zhang Dejiang, president  and chairman of the National People’s Congress. Topics discussed included trade, global security, climate change, economic issues, human rights and parliamentary relations.

The EU is China’s biggest trading partner. China is the EU’s second biggest, but it is also its largest source of imports. EU relations with China were established in 1975 and are governed by the 1985 EU-China Trade and Cooperation Agreement.

Source: European Parliament