China expresses hope for Greece to get out of crisis

MFAChinaDuring his regular daily briefing of Tuesday 23 June spokesman of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Lu Kang  expressed his hope that Greece ‘will get out of the crisis soon so as to enable the stable development of the EU integration process’. When asked on a potential interest by China to offer financial assistance to Greece he did not provide any comment on the matter.

The Q & A session was as follows: 

Q: Will Premier Li Keqiang put forward a Chinese proposal on how to tackle the debt issue in Greece during his trip to Europe?

A:We have noticed the frequent interactions between relevant parties on the Greek debt issue. We hope Greece could get out of the crisis as soon as possible and enable the integration of the EU to move forward steadily. During Premier Li’s visit to Europe, I believe leaders from China and the EU will have a thorough and in-depth exchange of views on issues of common interest, including some practical issues.

Source: Reuters and Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs