China seeks to revitalise Eurasia via the ‘Belt and Road’ initiative

W020130421685307955846During a press conference in Beijing on the occasion of  the ‘Two Sessions’ Minister of Foreign Affairs of China Wang Yi referred to China’s objective in strengthening infrastructure in Eurasia. As he said: ‘Our key focus in 2015 will be making all-round progress in the “Belt and Road” initiative. We will further enhance policy communication with other countries, expand the convergence of our shared interests, and explore effective avenues of win-win cooperation. The emphasis will be on promoting infrastructural connectivity, and building overland economic corridors and pillars of maritime cooperation. We will also promote people-to-people and cultural exchanges and cooperation, and speed up relevant FTA negotiations. We are confident that the “Belt and Road” initiative will win even more support and deliver even more “early harvests”, so as to catalyze the revitalisation of the Eurasian continent as a whole.’