China wins communication game in Piraeus

COSCOPIRAEUS (2)In an article written by its  correspondents in Greece, Alkman Granitsas and Kostas Paris, Wall Street Journal asserts that the Cosco-built container terminal in Piraeus is marking a public relations victory for China. In particular, the newspaper refers to the success of COSCO in overcoming the initial troubles of 2009 and building a new terminal creating 1000 new job positions.

COSCO, Wall Street Journal, underlines has transformed the port of Piraeus ‘into one of the biggest and fastest-growing in the Mediterranean’. More importantly it portrays the investment of COSCO in the Greek port as a win-win decision benefiting both the company and Piraeus. All in all, ‘Cosco has installed 11 new loading cranes that will put [its] Piraeus operations roughly on equal footing with capacity at Rotterdam, Antwerp and Hamburg, Europe’s three busiest container ports’.