A Chinese film festival took place in Athens

festival (2)Approximately one year after the shoot of ‘Beijing love story’ film in Santorini, a Chinese film festival took place in Athens. The festival was  co-organised by the Greek Ministry of Culture, the Greek Film Library,   the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film & Television in China (SARFT) and the Embassy of China in Greece. In particular, from 15 until 18 September 2014 the Greek Film Library (Iera Odos & Megalou Alexandrou 134-136) was hosting this festival presenting eight movies directed by Chinese directors from 2011 onwards.

These films are:

  • Beijing Love Story / Chen Sicheng (2014, 121΄)
  • The Grandmaster / Wong Kar-wai (2013, 130΄)
  • Partners / Peter Chan (2013, 113΄)
  • Police diary / Ning Ying  (2013, 110΄)
  • Say Yes / Leste Chen  (2013, 104΄)
  • Chinese Zodiac / Jackie Chan (2012, 103΄)
  • Full circle / Zhang Yang (2012, 105΄)
  • Flying Swords of Dragon Gate / Tsui Hark (2011, 120΄)

On the occasion of the festival, a Chinese delegation of official and artists traveled to Athens. The delegation was  headed by Vice-Minister of SARFT Mr Tong Gang, Director of ‘Beijing Love Story’ Mr Chen Sicheng and protagonist Ms Tong Liya.

The opening ceremony took place on Monday 15 September at 21:00. Greek Minister of Culture Ms Angela Gerekou made the opening remarks. Ambassador of China to Greece Mr Zou Xiaoli also was present.