Chinese interest in Greek minerals

Microsoft Word - FINAL-PV-GKA-MKA-API-DG ENTR-ERECON-Technical-1A Chinese delegation with experts on minerals came for the first time to Greece on 9 September 2014.  Greece is one of the few European countries having Rare Earth Elements. The demand for Rare Earth Elements is increasingly growing at the global level. These 17 minerals are necessary, inter alia, for the production of computers, automobiles, satellites, wind turbine, etc. More than 90% of global reserves can be found in China as this country has developed considerable expertise in their exploration and extraction. As far as Greece is concerned two research programs on rare earths on land and sea areas are in progress.

The Chinese delegation, which came to Greece, consisted of Mr. Long Baolin from the Geological Survey of China and Mr. Liu Ming from the National Development and Reform Commission. Other members included Mr Wang Denghong and Mr Xiong Wenliang from institutes of the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences as well as representatives Mr. Wang Jionghui and Mr. Liu Yunfei from the state company China Minmetals Corporation.

In the framework of the visit of the Chinese delegation in Greece a meeting between Greek Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, Mr Yannis Maniatis and the Ambassador of China to Greece, Mr. Zou Xiaoli took place. Both the Greek minister and the Chinese ambassador focused on encouraging existing evidence regarding rare earths and talked on the possibility for further cooperation between China and Greece on minerals.