Cultural co-operation between China and Greece to continue

cocktail_1 (2)The Chinese film festival which took place in Athens from 15 until 18 September 2014 was highly successful. Chinese movies – largely unknown to the Greek audience – were presented paving the way for new steps of cultural co-operation between Beijing and Athens.  The film week started with opening remarks by Greek Deputy Minister of Culture Angela Gerekou. Ms Gerekou welcomed the Chinese delegation focusing on the need of a systematic, long-term and fruitful partnership in the audiovisual sector.

A seven point plan was subsequently presented. This plan was accepted by the Chinese delegation and working groups for its implementation will soon be formed. Accordingly, cultural exchange programs will take place in China and Greece. A Greek film festival, for instance, will be organized soon in China and the distribution of Greek movies in the country will be reinforced. It is also interesting that an institutional framework to enhance co-operation between the Greek and Chinese public television networks will be established. Additionally, the film libraries of Greece, China and Hong Kong and Film Museum of Shanghai will start to exchange know-how practices.

The first Greek film to be presented in China will be ‘Little England’ directed by Mr Pantelis Voulgaris.

Sotiris Skouloudis