20 April to be the deadline for EU online consultation on China’s potential MES

GTThe European Commission has decided to start a public online consultation to explore the impact of China’s potential MES on the EU anti-dumping legislation.  Should an amendment of the anti-dumping legislation be deemed necessary, this may result in lower anti-dumping duties which may not offset the negative effects of dumping and may further increase dumped imports causing further injury to the EU industries concerned. This in turn may result in putting a number of jobs in the EU at risk. The aim of the online consultation is to collect stakeholders’ input regarding the options on how to respond to the expiry of certain provisions of the Accession Protocol to the WTO of China. The consultation aims to ensure that all relevant stakeholders have an opportunity to comment on the economic and social impacts of the options under consideration.

The Commission will utilise the results of the consultation to help it identify the most suitable regulatory and non-regulatory actions to put into effect and decide whether – and how, in a sensible, effective and efficient manner – to propose amendments to relevant regulations. Furthermore, a stakeholder conference will be organised mid-March to further discuss and exchange views with stakeholders on the economic and social impacts of the options under consideration.

The received contributions to this online consultations, together with the identification data of the respondent, will be published on the internet, unless the respondent objects to publication of their identification data by clicking the appropriate box in the questionnaire. The online consultation will function until 20 April 2016.

Questionnaire in pdf
Link to the public on line consultation
Specific privacy statement

Source: European Commission