Kathimerini English edition refers to chinaandgreece.com analysing Tsipras’ China visit

PCTIn his analysis of Sino-Greek relations after the visit of Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in Beijing and Shanghai, Mr Nick Malkoutzis, attemts to outline perspectives for the future. In so doing, he principally refers to the privatisation of the Piraeus Port Authority and also uses comments made by Dr George Tzogopoulos, founder of chinaandgreece.com.  In the view of Tzogopoulos, ‘the way Greece handles developments at the port will be the most important factor in determining Cosco’s future investments in the country and how Beijing will regard Athens as a strategic partner.’ He also believes that ‘China is highly interested in expanding its presence in Piraeus and from the moment this is happening, relations can improve at the political, economic, and cultural level’.

You can read here the article of Nick Malkoutzis on ekathimerini.com, which included all comments made be George Tzogopoulos.