Chinese ambassador to the EU Yang Yanyi talks about Sino-European relations on Xinhua

chinaeuAmbassador and Head of the Chinese Mission to the EU Yang Yanyi  gave an interview to Xinhua talking about Sino-European relations. In her view, the two sides have much to offer each other and share a lot of common interests and there is enormous potential for cooperation. ‘Our combined economies account for one quarter of total world output, while our people make up one third of the world’s population. Amid a globalizing economy connected by IT, this scale means that China-EU relations are no longer just bilateral, but have global relevance in a multi-polar world’, Yang said.

She also said that China and the EU are two great forces for world peace, massive markets for common development and great civilizations for human progress. As she note, Chinese President Xi Jinping’s historic visit to the EU institutions in the spring has taken bilateral relations to a new height. ‘Politically, China and the EU have formed a one plus three pattern for high-level dialogue. This is led by the annual China-EU Summit and supported by the High-Level Strategic Dialogue, Economic and Trade Dialogue and People-to-People Dialogue’, she explained. Both sides enjoyed good cooperation over Iran’s nuclear program, and have worked together to combat piracy, reduce poverty and mitigate climate change, the ambassador noted, adding that there are ongoing joint efforts in energy, food security and sustainable development.