China to possibly buy more Greek T-bills according to The Economist

economistAccording to The Economist, as ‘Greece is getting desperately out of cash’, it is lookinf to China and Russia for help. As far as China is concerned the article asserts: ‘Mr Tsipras is hunting for new potential sources of financial support. One is China, which invested about €100m in two recent issues of T-bills as a token of goodwill. That gesture followed the Syriza government’s decision to revive the privatisation of the port of Piraeus, which China’s Cosco shipping group is keen to buy. Giannis Dragasakis, the deputy premier, returned from a visit to Beijing last week with a promise of more purchases of Greek T-bills by Chinese state financial institutions’.

The article of the Economist published on 1 April 2015 can be found here.