The Greek audience and ‘Beijing Love Story’

blsBeijing Love Story’ is one of the most successful Chinese film productions in recent years. The movie, which is directed by Chen Sicheng, has been of high interest to Chinese citizens, being a smooth continuation of a popular television series. But its production company Wanda Media is currently looking at a new challenge.  The ambition of Wanda Media is to promote the movie to a wider international audience. Greece is one of the countries where it will be played on the occasion of the Chinese film festival.

Part of the movie has been filmed on the Greek island of Santorini. The two protagonists, Tony Leung and Carina Lau, are trying to revive their love after twenty years of marriage travelling to the romantic island. During the dinner for their wedding anniversary they have a marvelous view of the volcano while an orchestra is playing live Greek music. ‘Beijing Love Story’ introduced the Greek landscape and Santorini island to millions of Chinese people. After the Santorini shot Carina Lau posted some photos on social media leading her followers to immediately respond by calling the Greek island a ‘paradise on earth’!

Benefits for Greece are significant when that kind of movies are filmed in the country. New – even temporary – job positions are created, the local economy and society are strengthened and tourists can be in the long term attracted. ‘Beijing Love Story’ is the first Chinese film partly  shot in Greece and it can certainly open the way for similar initiatives in the future.

Theano-Damiana Agaloglou