International companies employ ‘Plan B’ as Greek railway remains blocked

HPDue to ongoing tensions in the village of Idomeni [near the border between Greece and the former Yugoslaw Republic of Macedonia] in the framework of the refugee crisis, the Greek railway remains stalled. This means that commodities cannot be transported from the northern part of Greece to Piraeus creating serious problems for the smooth operation of the Eurasian transportation network. Various companies have already started to look for alternative solutions. Hewlett Packard constitutes an example. The American company employs its ‘Plan B’ and has already started to ship some of its commodities via the port of Koper in Slovenia. The Greek daily Kathimerini reports that – according to Hewlett Packard representative Danièle Mason –  the company still acknowledges the importance of Piraeus as a transhipment hub but should also pay attention to the needs of clients.

Hewlett Packard may have already employed its ‘Plan B’ but various other companies are paying a heavy price for the continuous delays. These delays following the train blockade set a new blow for Greece’s international reliability. As a result the Greek government needs to urgently act in order to tackle the problem and restore normalcy in the transportation of commodities. Greece – and principally Piraeus – should not only be a transhipment hub geographically but also practically.