Konstantina Romaiou shares her experience from the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games

41Konstantina Romaiou was born  on the Greek island of Corfu in 1997. She is a promising triple jump athlete who recently participated in the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games. The 10th position she finally took during the Games in China is certainly an honouring one. It could have been even higher but Konstantina had to participate taking antibiotics  as she had suffered by a viral disease during her stay in the Chinese city. In any case, she is now even more determined to continue her efforts and have an even better performance in the future.

With a personal record of 12.74m from the Pan-Hellenic Championship organised in Larissa last July, the Greek athlete hopes to have the opportunity to participate in similar events in the future. As she says on chinaandgreece, ‘the high performance records in the Nanjing Games can only benefit athletes having ambitions for ROMAIOUIIthe future.’ In particular, the personal ambition of Konstantina is to take part in the European Championship of her age to be held in Sweden. Everything is now possible for her. Konstantina’s dream is to qualify to the Olympic Games. In that regard, she will always remember the Nanjing experience making her more self-confident in the triple jump and giving her the opportunity to build friendships with athletes from all over the world.