Looking for an economic partner in Greece

ryco (2)Ring Ye was one of the representatives of Chinese companies who came to Greece on the occasion of the Thessaloniki International Fair. His ambition was to introduce heating and lighting RYCO Company to Greek clients and create a potential co-operation network in Greece. While attempting to promote RYCO’s products to visitors of the Thessaloniki International Fair he also talked to chinaandgreece.com expressing his happiness for travelling to Greece and his intention to find an economic partner in the country.

As he clearly said: ‘I hope to make it in the future as it has already happened in Germany where RYCO’s products are successfully sold in various supermarkets’. RYCO Company was founded in 2005 and is located in the Chinese Province of Zhejiang. It employs more than 100 workers and its annual turnover vacillates between US$ 10 million dollars and 50 US$ million dollars.