Logistics subsidiary of National Bank of Greece in talks with COSCO for the creation of consortium

logisticsIn the aftermath of the ceremony confirming the privatisation of Piraeus Port Authority and its sale to COSCO, several discussions on future investments around the port area have started to take place. It is indicative that the logistics subsidiary of the National Bank of Greece,PAEGAE, will likely be the third partner of a consortium seen as favorite to win railway properties company GAIAOSE’s contract for the Thriasio Transit Center in western Attica.

As well-informed journalist Elias Bellos writes in Kathimerini the logistics company of the National Bank of Greece is in advanced talks with Athens-listed Grivalia Properties and COSCO for the creation of a consortium that will table a binding bid before the deadline of 31 May 2016 for Thriasio concession tender offers.  PAEGAE owns logistics facilities at Magoula – near Thriasio – totaling 105,000 square meters of indoor space and 600,000 sq.m. of outdoor space. According to Mr Bellos,  if PAEGAE does participate in the concession of Thriasio’s 600,000 sq.m., it will secure an upgraded role in the future of the Greek transit and logistics industry. Its officials have had several meetings with the counterparts at COSCO and Grivalia in recent weeks, and have also met with the government.

You can read here the original article published in Kathimerini.