Platon School boosts pupils’ voice on refugee crisis

View from the Platon School conference venue

View from the Platon School conference venue

In its interest to join the ongoing debate on the refugee crisis Platon School invited numerous pupils from different world coutries in Athens and gave them the opportunity to discuss this critical issue and exchange views on the matter. Specifically, from 4 until 6 March 2016 Platon organised  a simulation game in the context of its ‘Model United Nations Conference (PS-MUN) ‘ initiative. It was the sixth-time the School organised such as simulation game.  The conference of this year ended with a resolution voted by the pupils on the refugee crisis, which is available here.

Pupils, inter alia:

  • Urge UN member-states, especially target-countries of migration to review and effectively simplify legislation concerning migratiom documentation
  • Call upon states to give humanitarian and financial aid to countries which are the source of many irregular  immigrants
  • Urge more economically developed countries and the World Bank itself to contribute certain amounts of money
  • Suggest he establishment of free of charge ‘Migrant Schools’, where migrants will be able to learn how to communicate with native people
  • Propose the stopping of misinformation and maltreatment of migrants by letting them have an active say on the matter
  • Recommend  the cooperation between Amnesty International and host and departure Member States aiming to the creation of a common legal framework concerning immigration as well as preserving immigrants’ rights
  • Strongly recommend adding navy patrols in the sea borders of borderland countries that are considered passageways to Northern Europe

You can also watch here a video from the Platon event.