Salaries for public servants to be increased in China

chinaSalaries for mainland civil servants and public interest organisation workers will double and even triple in some cases to offset the rising cost of pensions. In some cases, “duty salaries” – one of various components in civil service remuneration packages – will increase by up to 50 per cent, while “post-rank salaries” will almost triple according to a State Council directive. Civil servants in the lowest ranks will see their duty salaries rise from 340 yuan (HK$430) to 510 yuan and post-rank salaries rise from 290 to 810 yuan.Those in the highest ranks – including President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang – will see the two salary components rise from 4,000 yuan to 5,250 yuan, and from 3,020 yuan to 6,135 yuan, respectively, the report said.