Sino-Greek co-operation for the award of scholarships to students


Source: Greek State Scholarships Foundation

The Greek State Scholarships Foundation and the Chinese Scholarship Council have agreed to co-operate for the promotion of the latter’s education programmes in Greece. In particular, the Chinese Scholarship Council intends to grant approximately 100.000 scholarships for the next academic year to Chinese students wishing to study at international universities and to international students wishing to study in China. Within this context, it has already established partnerships with leading institutions such as Harvard University, MIT, the University of Cambridge and Imperial College.

For its part, the Greek State Scholarships Foundation will now function as an information point for the action of the Chinese Scholarship Council and will also contribute to bilateral exchange programmes fostering more collaboration between Greece and China. The agreement between the Greek State Scholarships Foundation and the Chinese Scholarship Council was reached during a recent visit of a Chinese delegation to Greece.