Sino-Greek relations require patience according to Global Times

Global TimesIn an article published on 2 February 2015 Global Times journalist Li Aixin presents some key points on Sino-Greek relations following an interview with Chen Zhimin, Dean of the School of International Relations and Public Affairs at Fudan University. According to the journalist, ‘stoppage of port sale will not scupper China-Greece relationship’. According to Li Aixin ‘For one thing, Greece is close to China in its stance over international issues. For instance, in the issue over the Ukrainian crisis, Greece has strongly opposed further EU sanctions against Russia. For another, Greece has always encountered setbacks from EU countries in its implementation of various plans. In these circumstances, support from non-EU countries is needed more than ever for the new prime minister. China, on the other hand, has constantly provided great support for Greece over the past years, which has enormously helped the nation’s economic development. Even though the leadership in Greece has changed, aid from China is still regarded as significant for the country. Therefore, the direction of bilateral ties is not going to turn around, but the key lies in how we will cooperate in the years to come‘.