The Diplomat explores whether China’s new Silk Road could save Greek economy

silk_road01Sinologist Gian Luca Atzori wrote an article in The Diplomat exploring whether China’s new Silk Road could save the Greek economy. He, inter alia, refers to different areas of Sino-Greek co-operation such as COSCO’s investment in the port of Piraeus, loans given by China to Greek shipowners and Beijing’s economic involvement in the airports of Athens and Kastelli. The author also argues that a new railway line connecting Piraeus with Central Europe could be financed through China’s participation in Juncker’s Investment Initiative. Researchers Zhang Lihua and Vasilis Trigkas have already discussed this potential co-operation scheme.

All in all, Gian Luca Atzori concludes in his article that Beijing’s One Belt One Road policy has the potential to a stimulate recovery in Greece and the eurozone, have significant consequences for the European dialogue with Russia over the situation in the Ukraine and with the US about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership negotiations.

You can access here the original article of The Diplomat.