Three consecutive Olympiads can spread message of peace in Asia

In April 2016 the ceremony for the initiation of the Olympic Flame’s world marathon took place in Ancient Olympia Greece opening the final countdown for Rio Olympics. Authors from Tsinghua University, Seoul National University, the University of Tokyo and Harvard University, argue that the three consecutive Olympiads in Asia (2018, 2020, 2022) offer an unprecedented “Deus Ex Machina” to China, Japan and South Korea to engage in a concerted massive public diplomacy campaign that will tame rising nationalism and replace national bravado with athletic excellence and the Olympic Ideal. Tsinghua, Seoul National University and University of Tokyo – all homes to Olympic gold medalists and alma matters to distinguished politicians – should lead the educational process on the Olympic Truce and in a partnership with the International Truce Center, Greece, the International Olympic Committee, the Korea Foundation, Japan Foundation, the China public Diplomacy Association and other like minded institutions spread the pacifist message of Olympicism in Asia and beyond.

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