VIANEX to further expand after China

logoBridges to the large, exceptionally important market of the Middle East are being built by the pharmaceutical company VIANEX SA, a member of the Arab Hellenic Chamber, with its participation in the “Cityquest-KAEC Forum” held recently in Saudi Arabia. Head of the VIANEX SA delegation at this year’s forum were its Vice President and Deputy CEO, Mr Dimitris Giannakopoulos, accompanied by Ms Lemonia Xenitou, head of the Exports Department, and Mr Haris Rousanoglou, who heads the New Product Development Department.

The representatives of VIANEX took part in the global Cityquest-KAEC Forumfollowing a personal invitation from Mr Fahd Al-Rasheed, CEO of King Abdullah Economic City in Saudi Arabia, whose central vision is the creation of an entire model city which will be completed by 2025.

The global Cityquest-KAEC Forum took place on 7-10th December, at the model King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) in Saudi Arabia.
The city represents a colossal investment of around 86 billion dollars. The model city, located on the Red Sea coast, will span 181 square kilometres and will incorporate 260,000 apartments, 56,000 residential villas, a pharmaceutical production facility, a hospital, pharmaceutical wholesaler and a number of pharmacies.
The total investment in model economic cities now exceeds 500 billion dollars worldwide. More than 150 plans for new model cities are currently in development, which, when completed, are expected to attract 50 million residents.

This annual gathering, which took place in Saudi Arabia for the second year running, is accordingly becoming an important global event which aims to bring together innovative companies, multinational companies, government representatives, institutions as well as distinguished members of the academic community. More than 260 delegates from around the world took part in this year’s forum, with a clear focus on the search for ways in which competitiveness and innovation can combine to deliver the best solutions.

VIANEX SA was the only pharmaceutical company invited to the event. The fact that the company is approved and certified for production and distribution of pharmaceutical products by the Saudi Food & Drug Authority has been acknowledged by Mr Fahd A. Al-Rasheed as the decisive reason for the establishment of direct cooperative relationships.

As part of the Forum, but also on the sidelines of the main meetings, the representatives of VIANEX SA had the opportunity to present a comprehensive picture of the company’s 90-years of business experience in the pharmaceutical industry, which has culminated today in the current employment of more than 1,100 employees making a wide range of trusted, innovative, high-quality pharmaceutical products in its four ultra-modern production facilities in Greece. The need for investment in quality, which is vital to VIANEX SA pharmaceuticals, has also been strongly emphasised by the organisers of Cityquest-KAEC Forum.
Contacts were made with leading companies in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and consumer products sectors, as well as with representatives of the ‘Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital’ (DSFH).

VIANEX SA’s financial information, as reflected by its annual financial statements and investment indicators, places it among the most consistently high-performing companies in Greece. With innovation at the core of its company philosophy and the implementation of a large-scale investment programme, VIANEX SA is planning new strategic alliances with international orientation.