Whither Sino-American relations under Trump?

Source: china.org.cnThe beginning of Donald Trump’s presidency has sparked a lively debate on how the US – the political and economic superpower of the world – will approach China – the economic colossus and rising political power. Countries of the world, bigger and smaller, are closely monitoring developments as the evolution of Sino-American relations will be critical for the shaping of the world order and will naturally affect their modus operandi and interests. The recent communication between President Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping can possibly set the basis for a ‘constructive relationship’. Nevertheless, exisiting differences as well as Trump’s different priorities from his predecessor do not necessarily guarantee an harmonious collaboration.  In his CIFE policy paper, George Tzogopoulos analyses perspectives for Sino-American relations and attempts to discuss the potential impact of Trump’s protectionism agenda on international trade and globalization.