Youthonomics index shows young people have better life in China than in Southern Europe

youthonomicsQuality of life for young people all over the world is an issue of increased significance. The 2015 Global Index published by Youthonomics offers interesting insights in that regard.  Using fifty-nine different criteria, including youth unemployment, quality and cost of education, the ability of young people to afford housing and save for the future, public deficit, access to technology, political and religious freedom, average age of elected leaders and many more it ranks sixty-four countries according to whether they are creating the conditions that will allow youth to flourish and prosper. The results of the 2015 Global Index show – inter alia – that young people under 25 have a better life in China compared with Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece although countries of South Europe offer relatively good political liberties. That is because China has decided to invest in order to create economic opportunities for young people. By contrast, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece offer rather poor access to employment.