The Sound of Silk – Chang Jing guzheng concert in Athens


logoA concert of Chang Jing and Zhang Di  will take place in Athens on Monday 26 October. This concert titled ‘The Sound of Silk’ is organised by Meet Culture and Trianon and more information about tickets can be found on As an one of the few independent musician in China, Chang Jing is famous for her unique music style, which breaks down the boundaries between Chinese and Western music. She is the first Guzheng performer that combines poem singing and performing.In 2008 Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony, she played solo in the work ‘A Moonlit Flowery Night on the Spring River’, leaving a deep impression to people all over the world. She also serves as the Royal Instructor of Music for the Princess of Thailand. In 2013, Chang performed with the famous musician Yiannis Chryssomallis in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. She always seeks crossover opportunities to bring out the beauty of Guzheng in a modern way together with Blues, Jazz, Rock and Fusion bands and also starts to experiment composing contemporary zither music. She has also cooperated with world-class musicians from various genres such as Greek pianist, composer and music producer Yiannis Chryssomallis, French pianist Richard Clayderman and Canadian jazz pianist and composer David Braid, etc. She has been invited to perform in many world-known music festivals like BBC Proms, Musica etc and also accompanied the previous President to perform in many foreign coutries.

Zhang Di, as a famous Chinese flute performer, is also the committee member of Chinese Nationalities Orchestra Society and Curriculum Director of Beijing Famous Music Classroom. Zhang has been teaching Di and Xiao for over fifteen years. He learned from several Chinese flute masters like Zhang Weiliang, Yu Xunfa and Kong Qingshan. He has been invited in CCTV music channel and large-scale concerts. In 2013 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, he performed together with Chang Jing and Yiannis Chryssomallis.