Admiration of Amphipolis’ findings on China Daily front-page

amChina – a country representing one of the most important ancient civilizations – could not but become interested in the course of excavations in Amphipolis. It is indicative that the front-page of the international edition of China Daily of 14 November 2014 extensively dealt with the skeleton found in Alexander-era tomb. The Chinese newspaper  published an AFP story that archaeologists were holding their breath after the skeleton was found. China CHI_CDDaily placed emphasis on the main question asked by archaelogists and ordinary citizens as to who the bones belong to. Historian Miltiade Hatzopoulos, a specialist on the period, told that all this suggested it contained a member of the Macedonia’s famously fratricidal royal family. In previous weeks the interest shown by Chinese media in the excavations of Amphipolis was equally high. In mid-September, for example. Xinhua reported on the ‘beautiful Caryatids’ and the ‘spectacular sphinxes’ which had come to light elaborating on scenarios regarding the people  buried in the ‘magnificent tomb’.