China meets Greece exhibition in Athens

Qinghua-Ioanna-LinFrom 16 May until 3 July a painting exhbition of artist Ioanna Lin will take place at Grecotel Pallas Athena. This exhibition is organised by Grecotel Pallas Athena and Meet Culture.

About the painter 

Qinghua (Ioanna) Lin, born in China in 1982, lives and works in Athens. Holding a Masters Degree of Fine Arts at Quangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, she continued her career there as a Lecturer of teaching painting techniques, illustration & animation design. Her brush painting shuimo technique (ink & wash) performs on paper (xuan zhi) in black ink traditional Chinese motifs of women portraits, nature scenes consisting of birds, flowers, animals and people, all in a minimalistic way. The lack of background, referred to as ‘blank painting’, brings the object at the front stressing out its significance and speaking highly about life and nature, mostly appreciated in Chinese culture. Some very simple, soft colour- ful, water colour small-sized aquarelles express Artist’s joy to let her talent unwind in new paths, away from the strict discipline rules of the traditional Chinese painting, whereas de- tailed painting outbalances. Walking around her beautiful work, you may enjoy the relaxing calm scenery of China, ad- mire her amazing Opera women actresses and rest your mind at the various popular Greek spot on places. All of her work reflects the sincere, happy and bright side of life of Ioanna in her attempt to blend two civilisations, worlds, traditions, cultures. Pure joy, ultimate zen!

The admission is free