More Chinese tourists to visit Greece in 2015

flagsAccording to Greek Deputy Minister of Tourism Elena Kountoura,  more Chinese tourists are expected to visit Greece in 2015. Indications have been already encouraging since last year. Greek statistics demonstrate that  in the nine months of 2014 37,196 Chinese visited Greece. This constitutes an increase of 107.2% in comparison with the relevant period of 2013. On the whole, however, the share of the Chinese market in Greek tourism  is rather low and equals with  0.2%. As far as previous years are concerned 28.328 Chinese tourists – having China as their departure point – visited Greece in 2013 as opposed to 12.203 ones in 2012 and 15.838 ones in 2011. It is now estimated, however, that about 100,000 Chinese tourists are visiting the country per year, given that many come through Schengen countries.