‘Industry 4.0’ concept to bring China closer to Germany at the technology level

4.0The ‘Industry 4.0’ concept has been included in a recent guidelines defining co-operation between China and Germany. This concept was first put forward at the Hannover Messe in 2013 as part of the national strategy of Germany boosting innovation. Responding to technological developments in Germany and acknowledging its significant role in that regard, China has proposed the ‘Made in China 2025’ strategy to promote integration of information and industrialization,.

On the occasion on the recent visit of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visit to Germany, China and Germany have made a breakthrough on the ‘Industry 4.0’ proposition in transferring from individual management to in-depth cooperation. Chinese Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Miao Xu, noted in Germany, for example, that Chancellor Merkel welcomed China’s participation in the German strategy. A win-win co-operation can be subsequently expected.