Li Keqiang and Alexis Tsipras confirmed their will to co-operate in Piraeus

flagsOn Tuesday 14 April 2015 Chinese Prime Minister  Li Keqiang and Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras spoke on the phone to discuss Sino-Greek relations. China is highly concerned on the future of the Piraeus Port Authority privatization. During the conversation Li Keqiang said that the port of Piraeus can be the symbol of a win-win co-operation between the two countries, linking China to Europe and boosting the Greek national economy. If this project will be implemented more Chinese companies will be prepared to invest in Greece. For its part, Alexis Tsipras focused on the importance of Sino-Greek relations for Greece and said that it seeks to become China’s strategic partner by highly supporting and actively promoting this project.

In particular, during the conversation, Tsipras briefed Li on Greece’s consideration of the enhancement of its cooperation with China in various fields, especially the Piraeus port project.Li spoke highly of the development of China-Greece relations, and expressed appreciation for the importance attached by Tsipras to bilateral ties and his firm support for the joint port project since the Greek prime minister took office. The Chinese-run project embodies the traditional friendship between China and Greece and will help increase the two countries’ pragmatic cooperation, he said. It is also conducive to boosting the Greek economy, which in turn will benefit Europe and the European Union, he said.

In the meantime, Li said, the project can boost Chinese enterprises’ confidence in investing and developing in Greece and push forward the construction of the China-Europe Land-Sea Express Line.China is willing to work together with Greece to make Piraeus a first-class port in the Mediterranean and even Europe, as well as an important hub in the region, so that it could become a symbol of mutually beneficial, win-win cooperation between China and Greece, the premier said.Tsipras said the new Greek government has been committed to strengthening Greece-China pragmatic cooperation since it came into power, and is fully confident about the prospects of the two countries’ relations.Greece’s friendship with China goes back a long way, and Greece is willing to become a strategic partner of the Asian country in Europe, he said. Also, he said Greece firmly supports and will actively accelerate the Piraeus port project, expressing his hope that the Europe-China Land-Sea Express Line would be completed as soon as possible.

Source: Xinhua