SCMP assesses IMF role in Greek crisis

scmpIn an article published on 12 June 2015 South China Morning Post assesses the role of the IMF in the Greek crisis. According to the newspaper, for the IMF ‘five years of playing junior partner in European bailouts for Greece has been a “never again” experience, and the worst may be yet to come’. South China Morning Post also asserts that ‘the IMF prefers to see its role as that of a truth-teller, making an objective assessment of a country’s ability to sustain its debt based on economic criteria such as interest rates and loan maturities, growth, productivity and the fiscal balance’ and referes to insiders who say privately that ‘it would love to get out of the Greek programme for good, but the Europeans may not let it’.

You can read here the article of South China Morning Post on Greece and the IMF