Yang Jiechi and John Kerry pave the way for the meeting between Presidents Xi and Obama

4021State Councilor Yang Jiechi met with US Secretary of State John Kerry in Boston on 18 October 2014 paving the way for US President Barack Obama’s visit to China next month. Yang and Kerry highlighted issues the two will be discussing, including the US-China relations, the upcoming APEC summit in Beijing, Ebola, climate change and other international hotspot issues.

‘The purpose of my visit to Boston and then to Washington is really to pave the ground for President Obama’s visit to China in November and also for participation of the President in the APEC informal leadership meeting to be hosted by China,’ said Yang. Yang noted that since President Xi Jinping and US President Barack Obama’s meeting in Sunnylands last June, the two countries have decided to work to build this new model of major country relationship between China and the United States and have made ‘much progress’.

For his part, Kerry said: ‘There are many issues that China and the United States are cooperating on, even as we have some differences that we try to manage effectively. There are many areas where we are working hard’.