BESA paper outlines Sino-American differences on North Korea

The North Korean imbroglio has recently dominated the agenda of international media. While the risk of a conflict with unknown consequences cannot be excluded, Dr George N. Tzogopoulos wrote a paper for the Begin Sadat Center for Strategic Studies (BESA) ebalorating on the positions of the two most important countries dealing with the ongoing crisis, China and the US […]

China as the Honoured Country at the 82nd Thessaloniki International Fair

China meets Greece in Thessaloniki, the heart of Balkan exhibition activities, at the 82nd Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF), held from 9 to 17 September 2017. The 82nd TIF is giving Greek companies an opportunity for cooperation, information and ventures in general regarding China […]

Copelouzos Group and China Energy join hands

On 5 July 2018, the Chinese Company CHINA ENERGY INVESTMENT CORPORATION Ltd, the largest energy producer of the world, not only from conventional sources but also from renewables, and the largest oil by coal producer in the world, and COPELOUZOS GROUP […]

A discussion with Dr Jens Bastian on China’s role in the Balkans

Since a few years the European interest in China is growing. This is not only about trade and economics. Today, China constitutes the second biggest market for the EU. It is also driven by research on how Sino-European relations could develop in the near future, in particular what the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative means for the Old Continent. The institutional framework […]

China becomes an emerging power in the Mediterranean

For many decades the Mediterranean has been a West-friendly region. The US and the EU have had the lion’s share in defining the course of the Basin and the relationships with the majority of its countries. In particular […]

International experts meet in Berlin to discuss ways of engagement with China

From 9 until 12 October 2017  a delegation of international experts was in Berlin to dicuss China’s international role and ways of engagement with it. The mission […]

Dr Tzogopoulos a Delegate in the Second BRF

Dr George N. Tzogopoulos was a Delegate in the Second Belt and Road Forum (BRF) for International Cooperation. Dr Tzogopoulos participated in several meetings and attended the opening ceremony held in Beijing on 26 April 2019 …

China and Greece on the same Belt and Road

The “win-win” character of Chinese investments in Greece is not a firework but a fair assessment. While Beijing is implementing its Belt and Road Initiative, Athens can count on some cash and more importantly on additional business deals which […]

Much promise in Sino-Turkish relations

In China’s current approach to the Mediterranean Basin, Turkey is particularly significant. Its geographical position along with the economic opportunities it offers obviously makes the country part of the Belt and Road Initiative […]

The EU, China and the Trump effect

Τhis policy paper published by Centre International de Formation Européenne assesses perspective for relations between the European Union and China during the presidency of Donald Trump. In particular, it focuses on new opportunities as well as on diffcult challenges.

China’s policy in the Middle East and the Mediterranean

The Kadir Has University Center of International and European Studies (CIES) Commentary  series offers op ed style insights on topical issues of interest to the research areas the CIES focuses on. In a recent commentary, Dr George Tzogopoulos analyses China’s policy in the Middle East and the Mediterranean […]

How do Chinese companies invest abroad?

Interests of Chinese companies have varied according to specific junctures. A close look at their content and nature outlines a significant differentiation. In particular, data presented by Bloomberg […]