CCTV report on Tsipras’ China visit includes reference to

In view of Greek Prime Minister’s  Alexis Tsipras visit to China, China Central Television (CCTV) prepared a report and a video of what this visit could mean for both Athens and Beijing. CCTV’s story includes a reference to as a source of information and analysis. In particular, its Founder George Tzogopoulos explains that ‘The …

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Global Times explores meta-Brexit landscape

In his Global Times article, George Tzogopoulos analyses the new chapter in the course of European integration, which has started since Friday, after the official result of the UK referendum was announced […]

Read more discusses relations between China and CEE

Is the ’16+1′ strategy contributing towards a better understanding between China and Europe? And why do countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) see this strategy more positively than Brussels? In his article published on, Dr George Tzogopoulos attempts to analyse parameters […]

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What now for China’s MES after the EP resolution ?

This is a critical year for the Sino-European partnership. One year after the 40th anniversary of the establishment of their diplomatic relations, China and the EU are facing new challenges which can possibly foster their bilateral cooperation. In particular, while the former hopes to automatically acquire a market economy status (MES) in December […]

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CCTV America TV panel explores Sino-Greek ties

On Wednesday 4 May 2016 CCTV America organised a TV panel to explore Sino-Greek ties following the recent sale of the Piraeus Port Authority.  In particular, The Heat and journalist Anand Naidoo interviewed the following experts: George Tzogopoulos, founder of Linda Yueh, an economist and author, who’s currently an economics professor at the London …

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Piraeus port sale should signal beginning of more investments

In his article, which was published in Global Times, George Tzogopoulos attempts to assess the impact of the sale of the Piraeus Port Authority to COSCO. Drawing on specific data he compares the performance of COSCO in piers II and III with that of the Piraeus Port Authority in pier I in previous years. He additionally explains whether the Chinese notion for a ‘win-win cooperation is reasonable […]

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Global Times proposes new IR framework in the context of China’s rise

In his Global Times article George Tzogopoulos discusses whether Western IR theories can provide a sufficient model to understand China’s foreign policy. In his view, the introduction of a new school of thought including Chinese characteristics is important. He, therefore, considers the harmonious cooperation between scholars from the West and China a presupposition for a better understanding of developments in the world […]

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