ECFR book on EU approach to Russian and Chinese integration in Eurasia includes chapter on Greece

ECFRbookLeading think tank European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) published a book analysing the EU approach to Russian and Chinese integration. The main aim of the study is to analyse what the Eurasian Economic Union and the new Silk Road (One Belt – One Road) mean for Europe. The main conclusion is that ‘Europe shouldn’t be afraid of Russian and Chinese efforts to integrate the Eurasian landmass, but should embrace these initiatives and absorb them into its international order, making use of its huge market, soft power, and long experience of regional integration.’

The ECFR book also includes a chapter on Greece, in which perspectives of Eurasian integration are analysed from Athens’ point of view. The author is Dr George Tzogopoulos. You can access here the chapter on Greece.

The new ECFR book: Absorb and Conquer is also available here.