‘Hong Kong taught me to look towards the future’

petrakakou (1)

‘Europe is my home but the place where people can earn money is Asia’ was the reply Alexia Petrakakou gave to me when I asked her opinion about Hong Kong. Being in her 20s, Alexia is working at a British company after studying marketing in London. She has lived in seven different countries and speaks English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Chinese along with Greek. Her basis is now located on the 16th floor of a skyscraper in the impressive city of the Far East.

‘Hong Kong is a very safe, convenient and affordable city. It is very easy to meet various types of people by approaching the appropriate circles. Everything is organized, taxes and public health costs are relatively low while transportation is easy. It is also safe here and the authorities can contribute to this feeling of security among citizens.

But the expenses required to find a flat in Hong Kong are very high. You have to pay the earth for real estate. Even a small room in a normal building is expensive. Quality of life is very low. Long walks in the park, beautiful evenings in a quiet area and quality meals are not part of Hong Kong’s lifestyle. People tend to go to boat parties while several of these parties and events are organized by foreigners who work here.

My job in Hong Kong has taught me to take preventive measures – even without specifi reason – and to appreciate collective thinking and teamwork. At the same time, I realize the importance of individualism in the West as well as the importance and diversity of critical thinking. Hong Kong is a place of aggressive competition which is moving very fast. This creates both personal and professional opportunities, opening the way for challenging decisions and choices.’

Alexandra Tzavella