NORINCO visits Greek Ministry of Defense

Kostas Isichos

Kostas Isichos

Greece’s Alternate Minister of Defense, Kostas Isychos, met with a delegation of the ‘China North Industries Corp’ (NORINCO)* company on Wednesday 6 May at the Greek Ministry of Defense. The Greek Secretary General of the Ministry Ioannis Tafyllis, was also present along with other officials. The meeting revolved around the cooperation of the Greek Ministry of Defense with NORINCO. As Mr. Isichos said to ‘the outcome was excellent’.

‘Greeks and Chinese are very much alike in their temperament,’ he also said and added that Greece is a country of major geopolitical importance ‘located in a critical position and being a bridge between Europe, Asia and Africa; a bridge between West and East. Based on that we would like NORINCO to develop further in our country towards our mutual benefit.’ Furthermore, the Alternate Minister asserted that Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has been invited to China. When the visit will take place the Greek Ministry of Defense will benefit by having yet another meeting with NORINCO, and advancing the talks for further cooperation in the national security sector.

Finally, Mr. Isichos talked to on the improvement of Sino-Greek relations and argued: ‘relations are developing and are currently in a good place. Willingness for further co-operation has been declared and there are major opportunities that could result from this.’

*About NORINCO: China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO) is a pioneer and leader of Chinese military trade, and an important team to implement China’s Going Global strategy. Aiming to build a world-class multinational enterprise, NORINCO has developed a worldwide operation network through responsible operation and sustainable development with progressive and passionate efforts, seeing sustained, rapid growth in defense products, petroleum, mineral resources, international economic and technical cooperation and specialized operation of civilian products.

Idyli Tsakiri-Karatzaferi