China present at the Thessaloniki International Fair

79Tif_300x250_9Frames_EL_ENChina is dynamically present this year at the International Trade Fair of Thessaloniki, Greece. Specifically, Zhejiang Broad International Convention & Exhibition of Zhejiang Province will represent the country. Textile, technology and silversmith companies as well as ones dealing with household and hotel equipment and general trade are introducing their products and services in the Greek public. As stated in the press release of the Thessaloniki International Fair ‘the Chinese presence is particularly important broadening the communication channel already opened a few years ago’.

Together with representatives of the companies and the President of Zhejiang Broad International Convention & Exhibition, Chen Cui, senior officials from the Zhejiang Provincial Government are also attending the Thessaloniki International Fair. These include Vice Governor Liang Liming, Director General of the Ministry of Commerce, Zhou Rixing, General Director of the Tourism Bureau of Zhejiang, Zhao Jinyong and Deputy Director at the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Provincial Government, Gu Jianxin. Additionally, Director of the Provincial Government, Ren Weihai and Deputy Director at the Foreign Affairs Department of European and African Affairs, Wu Yue will attend the Thessaloniki International Fair.